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Foreword on january 15, 1981, our research group started receiving a communication from the social memory complex, ra. Originally designed to house 350 million citizens, the population of mega city one soon swelled to an astounding 800 million people, a number that would remain constant until the city was devastated by the effects of the atomic wars the great atom war of 2070 and. There is only one, and that one is the infinite creator. The name of the program is often reversed to one book one city, or is customized to name the city where it occurs. Book three of the law of one builds on the information presented in books one and two, continuing the exploration of the nature and balancing of the energy centers or chakras, sexual energy transfers, healing, reincarnation, meditation, and wanderers. Feb 27, 2002 in the long history of things which must have seemed like a good idea at the time, the one city, one book scheme has few equals. This book is an exact transcript from tape recordings of twenty six sessions of an experiment designed to communicate with an extraterrestrial being. Established in 2032, mega city one was conceived as an answer to the massive overcrowding plaguing the cities of north america. Judge dredd book of law props replica notebook mega city 1. The idea an entire city could be convinced to read the same book over the course of a year seems like a farfetched, if not impossible, dream. This years book, pavement bookworm, was written by. Law of one society is dedicated to the pure study and the enlightenment towards the law of one. Download one city one book brochure 20 20 pdf since 2007, the thousand oaks librarys thousand oaks reads. The ra contact books are 2018 ll research and tobey wheelock.

Here are the 5 books chosen for the one book, one new york. Jul 08, 1983 the law of one, book iv, session 76 5 reasonable questions. One book, one phoenix is the first city of phoenix communitywide reading program. Popular book picks have been harper lees to kill a mockingbird, ernest gainess a lesson before dying, ray bradburys fahrenheit 451, and rudolfo anayas bless me, ultima. The material, which was channeled by ll research between 1981 and 1984, discusses the law of one, the infinite creator, the logoss plan, the seven densities, the two paths, and free will. Are there any people such as you find on earth on any of the other planets in our sol the criterion required for extraterrestrial or alien visitation to occur the law of one, book i, session 7january 25, 1981 questioner. Flevance, also known as the white city, shiroi machi. Events one book, one richmond university of richmond. The law of one ra material all 5 books unhypnotize.

At the city law school we offer a range of opportunities to grow your legal potential outside of the course. Jan 31, 2017 fifteen years after a failed attempt, new york city is getting all of its readers on the same page. Welcome to the law of one society for the pure study and. For tobey wheelocks site, which provides extensive research and study tools specific to the law of one books, please click here. The book of the law liber al vel legis sub figura ccxx as delivered by xciii 418 to dclxvi. One book had the red tassel glued the the front page so i had to do some repairs, also left a sticky. Even though our session schedule was relaxed, and the intervening time was used for study, we are aware that the questioning in. The law of one books were channeled by carla rueckert, don elkins, and jim mccarty between 1981 and 1984. Personal material paperback 1998 by ra author, james allen mccarty author, carla l. Aside from the most obvious and daunting logistics needed to jumpstart a city wide readalong, organizers must consider what one book could be so appealing it would grab the attention of an entire city. One city one book programme launches in durban iol. Ll research site entry page the law of one book i the ra material the complete book 4. Our goal is to make a short story available to all, free of charge, to spread the joy of reading for pleasure among the teens and adults of our city, and to create a community around a shared reading experience. But instead of ra stating his knowledge, its intention is to be an humble messenger of the law of one.

We were created to encourage our community to read and discuss a single book annually. One city one book program has served as the communitys signature literary event. Many states, counties and cities also hold book festivals that recognize the achievements of local authors. The original law of one books are 1982, 1984, 1998 ll research. Last year, we took you to the not so distant reaches of our solar system, and traveled with the astronauts of apollo 8 as they attempted to circle the. What a great satisfaction it is to give these secrets to those of higher vibration. An aging judge becomes empathic and decides to retire. You mentioned that there were a number of members of the confederat. Possession of sugar, for example, is illegal, as is the smoking of tobacco outside of licensed smokatoriums, and coffee is banned as an illegal stimulant. The ra material complete set the law of one, books iv. For more information about one city, one book, contact beth sheffield and follow us on facebook and twitter. The law of one is a series of five philosophical monographs written between 1982 and 1998 by ll.

These festivals are a celebration of the nations creative writing community. We started the experiment in 1962 and refined the process for nineteen. The use of bots taking over the world is a great idea and i have not really seen any other book that uses this. City 1 was a great post apocalypse, revolution book in my opinion. The community reading programme, initiated in 20, sees the city select one book each year to be read by ethekwini residents. The one book, one richmond committee schedules programming related to the 20192020 book selection, what the eyes dont see in addition to a keynote lecture, the committee plans book discussions, lunchtime talks, and related programming on the themes of the book. City of one is a powerful memoir of a girl who has conquered her fears and become successful. The feel the book gives is really good, i have always been a big fan of post apocalypse books and this one gave me that survivalist feeling. Could the oklahoma city bombing have been prevented. This study guide gives a wonderful overview of the main philosophies, concepts and practices of the law of one, predominantly through excerpts. Though some may seem rediculous, but try to follow them. A searchable database of the law of one the ra material. The ala public programs office has developed several resources for librarians building communitywide reading programs, including a cd containing an extensive planning guide and customizable graphics for one book programs.

Mooting is a key part of life at the city law school and we believe its one of the quickest and most effective ways for you to develop the competencies you need to be a successful lawyer. The law of one is rather arcane in its terminology and presentation causing other authors to capsulize this material. Foreword on january 15, 1981, our research group started receiving a communication from the social memory com. The material, which was channeled by ll research between 1981 and 1984, discusses the law of one, the infinite creator, the logoss. The pages of this book contain an exact transcript, edited only to remove some per. Weve partnered with commissioner julie menin and the new york city mayors office of media and entertainment to launch the one book, one new york program, a new initiative to get everyone in. The law of one, book i, session 25 221 the law of one, book i, session 26 224. One city one story is the bbfs version of an allcity read, but instead of a book, we print and distribute a short story. This book is an exact transcript from tape recordings of twenty. One city one book is a generic name for a community reading program that attempts to get everyone in a city to read and discuss the same book.

Join your community this summer in reading one of the following books. Lets put it this way this is the only work that has attempted to summarize ras worldview in one streamlined form. In book 1, the questioneran ufologist with a broad. By law, every judge that opts for retirement receives full honors and must leave mega city one to find a good death in the wastelands ruled by savage gangs, beasts and anarchy. What happens if portions of itself are free to do whatever they want. On wednesday the city announced its one book, one new york program, in which residents of all. Sep 01, 1982 in book two of the law of one, the nature of each of the densities or dimensions of this octave of creation is explored in detail with special emphasis given to how evolution for our third density to the fourth density is accomplished.

It is invaluable to all seekers of truth, wisdom and compassion. One book, one city for kids is a cool reading program that tries to get all the 5th graders in one city grand rapids to read the same book. One city, one book is sponsored by the greensboro public library foundation and friends of the greensboro public library. The library of congress has held a national book festival every year since 2001. One book, one richmond one book, one richmond is a campuswide effort that encourages students, staff, faculty, and members of the richmond community to read and discuss a selected book on a social justice issue. The ra material law of one series by don elkins goodreads. It has been published in book form, and the books can be freely downloaded from ll. From this communication precipitated the law of one and some of the distortions of the law of one. It is unknown if flevance was an affiliate of the world government, as during the outbreak, the royal family escaped the country and abandoned their people with the political organizations assistance. The laws listed are required to help keep order for nearly 1 billion people.

As you read or download, please consider purchasing this book or sending us a donation using our online store to help us keep this material available for all to use. The infinite creator became aware of the possibility of finity. Celebrating its 18th season, one book, one philadelphia is a signature program of the free library that promotes literacy, library usage, and civic dialogue by encouraging the entire greater philadelphia area to come together through reading and discussing a single book. Our website is mainly for discovering and sharing information which may aid in. Dedicated to carla rueckert whose joyful service allowed the words of ra to speak to humanity, despite the nearly fatal tolls and hardships endured by the physical body complex. Mega city one s laws are harsh, with many crimes not found in presentday law. This book is an exact transcript from tape recordings of twentysix sessions of an experiment designed to communicate. One city one book also one book one city, city reads, on the same page and other variations is a generic name for a community reading program that attempts to get everyone in a city to read and discuss the same book. The 2019 selection is harbor me by jacqueline woodson. It is a beautiful story of resilience that helped me.

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