N4 h rabbit record book

Members will need the generic record book or may be able to modify the canine record book for their cat project. Young people learn about animal care, health, nutrition, physiology, breeding, genetics, housing, behavior, record keeping and presenting themselves and their animals to the public. If you have any questions regarding the 4h rabbit project or completing this record book. Members are encouraged to exhibit their animals at least once during the project year, such as the ionia free fair, area rabbit shows and the state 4h rabbit show. The purebred doe should raise at least two or more litters and. This is a great way to get involved at the local level.

Keeping records of 4 h projects could help you when you apply for college scholarships too. The 4h rabbit proficiency program helps you learn what you need to know about your 4h project. Record keeping forms university of maryland extension. Tips for how you can help your child turn in a great record book for their 4 h project. Saratoga, schoharie and tompkins for providing volunteer editors and contributors. New jersey 4h rabbit, cavy, and small animal project record book p. In 2020, cecil 4hers must use the maryland 4h summary record. Record keeping record keeping is a very important part of 4h project work. Keep this record as part of your personal 4 h records.

The completed 4h record book should tell the complete story of the 4h. This project is suitable for youngsters of all ages from urban, suburban and rural communities. The rabbit project is a great way to get involved no matter where you live. Members are encouraged to exhibit their animals at least once during the project year, such as the county fair, area rabbit shows and the state 4h rabbit show. Kcyf rabbit department information please refer to the kcyf rabbit department section of the fair book for more information. For chautauqua county 4h cloverbud rabbit program members. Rabbit quiz bowl questions what is the most each rabbit in a pen of fryers can weigh. Explain how you have developed life skills to help support your pledge to the 4 hs head, heart, hands.

The 4h online record book orb provides you with an interactive way to maintain records online and stay connected to the 4h community. These records will keep track of the rabbits grooming by listing what products were used and when grooming occurred. Identify the types and grades of animals and employ efficient methods of marketing. Rabbit project record book cornell cooperative extension. Message to county extension agents and adult leaders this manual is a reference guide for young people and adults wanting to participate in a 4h rabbit project in texas. I understand that this is a completed breeding rabbit project record book as required.

Lessons include all aspects of rabbit management and the science behind it. Doe and litter the litter must not be less than 5 weeks of age and not more than 7 weeks of age as of fair checkin. My 4h rabbit, cavy and small animal project record book my 4h seeing eye. Single copies of extension publications excluding 4h and youth publications are available free to florida residents from county extension offices. Many answers can be found in the current standard of perfection, official guide to raising better rabbits and cavies, rabbit production, and the domestic rabbits magazine. Build a suitable carrying case, tattooing box, feeder, or some other rabbit equipment.

Demonstrate how to tell the sex of a young rabbit approximately 8weeks of age. Click on the links below to access your 4h record keeping forms. To download, rightclick either pdf or word under each icon. Level 3 show rabbit project project record book page 1 of 21 4h rar 12 show rabbit record book name. Free rabbitry record sheets to download and print rabbit. A guide to raising and showing rabbits johnson, samantha, johnson, daniel on.

To participate in group activities within the club and to assume responsibility in the 4h club rabbit program. My rabbit and cavy project record book due on or before july 1, 2018 to be turned into the fair of. The preregistration form for the nys 4h rabbit science decathlon contest can be found on the fair forms and information page participants are given 4 minutes at each station to answer verbal questions. My 4h rabbit, cavy, and small animal project record book. A new format for recordkeeping developed in new jersey incorporates key elements deemed needed in a contemporary 4h record book, including goal setting and reporting of. Acquire an understanding of rabbit production by preparing for, purchasing, caring for, and keeping records on one or more rabbits. Then click save link as if you are using firefox, or save target as if you are using ie. Rabbits and market rabbits, fill out two separate project records for each. Shooting sports firearms record book rabbit project record book 2019 clover sprouts rabbit project record book 2018 members personal 4h record. Last years closing inventory information may be transferred to the new record book and used as this years beginning inventory. Show rabbit record book edis university of florida. Youth choose a project thats interesting to them and explore it with peers and caring adults.

See more ideas about rabbit, raising rabbits and bunny care. A guide to raising and showing rabbits by samantha johnson paperback for. Have fun this year in 4h while learning about your rabbit. For each rabbit you have bought andor rais ed, please complete the following information. If you prefer to type your records make sure to open the workable documents version of the forms. Contact your local county office for more information and to see if your county has a market rabbit show. Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits online show rabbit record book, 4h rar12 dln was developed by joy jordan, 4h curriculum specialist, loretta rodriguez, project assistant, and jessica kochert, curriculum assistant, university of florida, institute of food and agricultural sciences. Your project leader will assist you in setting and achieving your goals.

Rabbit curriculum teaches youth about raising rabbits, body parts, breeds, costs of raising a rabbit, how to care for a rabbit and much, much more. Exhibitors are required to complete and submit one kcyf market rabbit record book. Animal science record for intermediate and senior members. Texas 4h rabbit extravaganza the extravaganza is a statewide competition open to enrolled texas 4h members of official 4h age. This project record book is for recordkeeping only.

Work with your 4h club to learn all you need to select, raise, care for and train your cat. Commercial, fancy and wool type breeding stock units, doe with litter, replacement project, and marketable rabbit raising projects except those that qualify as senior management projects. The record book has been threehole punched so that it may be easily kept in a 3ring binder. Use this section to help you formulate a feeding program for your rabbitry that includes all of the possible feeding scenarios. Record books osu extension service oregon state university. Through your project, you will learn animal care basics, good management practices and record keeping. Rabbit project record book michigan state university. Remember records are no better than what you put into them.

If you have any questions about anything in this book, you should ask your parents or your 4h leader for help. Part of your 4h record book, track all things related to ewe. See more ideas about rabbit, raising rabbits and 4 h. Each market rabbit option will deal with rabbits in various situations, depending on their developmental stage or reproductive condition. Rabbits that were part of your show rabbit project. Rabbit science decathlon nys 4h youth development program. Why is it important you keep a record of your 4 h activities. All 4h rabbit clubs must submit the total number of 4h members in each club to the barn superintendent by june 1. My 4h rabbit, cavy and small animal project record book.

Because, by recording your activities you can remember all the fun youve had so far, and set future goals. Canine creative options and 4h use this resource to explore options beyond your existing canine 4h project. Raising and marketing rabbits is an ideal project for 4h members, espe. Financial records it is important to keep track of the costs associated with your project. It will help you set goals for the project year, record your accomplishments, and provide a place to keep important records on your rabbits. Name and describe six additional breeds of rabbits. Marketable rabbit raising senior 4h members with extensive rabbit experience are encouraged to try a senior management project. Youll learn the basics of rabbit care and proper nutrition. Explain why the doe should be taken to the bucks hutch. Project summary each year that you carry out a show rabbit project you should complete all parts of the rabbit record book, including the project summary. How to rock your record books and take them to the next level.

In level 1, learn to care for a rabbit, groom and show a rabbit, and build a nest box. The intent of this record book is to supply new york youth with a uniform project record format that can be adapted to fit local. The florida 4h state website offers some of these books and other educational books for online purchase. Pet rabbit record book ufifas extension university of florida.

What is the written record of a rabbits family called. Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits online was developed by joy jordan, 4h curriculum specialist. Learn how to use orb the orb support site helps you learn how to fill out the record book, featuring. And recordkeeping can also help extension staff document the impact of their 4h programs. Stutsman county 4h rabbit record book name club age years in project date project started parents name address north dakota state university does not discriminate on. Level 3 show rabbit project project record book page 2 of 21 the purpose of a rabbit animal project is to achieve the following. Follow your interests, gain new skills and show off your achievements with over 100 projects. Your 4h rabbit records should be accumulative meaning that you keep and add to your records from year to year, keeping them all in a 3ring binder or portfolio. In many ways patricia williams has led an extraordinary life. Learn about rabbit breeding, feeding and management by raising rabbits or completing a nonanimal rabbit project. Record sheets you can download and print for your very own. Records should be kept accurately, neatly, and continuously. The orb is aligned with the paper versions of the record book. All 4h club members must have their show rabbit by june 1.

Rabbit and cavy projects nys 4h youth development program. Raised in a family of alcoholics and hustlers, she was at ground zero when the crack epidemic of the 1980s hit the impoverished neighborhoods of inner city atlanta. Record books will not be accepted at the extension office. Rabbit quiz bowl questions 4h youth development program. One time purchase resource book may be shared amongst family members. All breeding rabbits, pet rabbits, does of market rabbit projects and does of doe and litter projects must be in the 4h members possession and continual care by may 1. This information is helpful in applying for 4 h awards and scholarships. An inventory at the start and the close of your rabbit project is a necessary part of your rabbit record. Keeping a record book is an important part of the project. For all 4h rabbit breeding stock projects including. Clemson university cooperative extension service offers its programs to people of all ages, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital or family status and is an equal.

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